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Ikon Electrical Supply launched as a vision of founder Jordan Gaspard in 2015 as a way to supply local and online electricians with high quality lighting and electrical supplies.  With connections at manufacturers internationally, IkonElectricalSupply.com has seen great growth and is quickly becoming an online depot for electricians and residential customers alike.  Our products lean heavily towards energy efficient LED light bulbs because we know that within the next few years, LED lighting will be the standard.

As a small, locally-owned business with less than 20 employees – Ikon Electrical Supply focuses entirely on the customer experience.  From high quality product photography and detailed video demonstrations to easy to reach customer service, we always make it as simple as possible for the customer to find the right product the first time.  Our knowledgeable and dedicated staff is always ready to lend a hand.

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If you have any questions, comments or need help solving your lighting problem call us at (855) 438-4566

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